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Welcome to Hike Huskytours! Our huskyfarm lies in the wilderness of North Värmland, at about 40 carminutes from the wellknown skiresort Branäs. The entire year we offer exciting, instructive but above all adventurous activities. During the winterseason (Christmas to the beginning of april) we are at least three days a week at the skiresort: on wednesday, friday and saturday. During the Christmas holiday and week 7 to 9 we are there all week except on sunday. The rest of the year we offer different activities, like a visit to the huskyfarm, a walk hrough the forest with the huskies and in the autumn -if it is cold enough- a ride on on of our trainingcarts. Beside that we can take you on several treks through the fantastic Swedish nature. Lastly there is our very popular workshop where you learn to make Samic armbracelets of reindeer leather and tin/silver wire. Please look around on this site and get in the mood. We have done our best to give you a good impression of the possibilities. Enjoy! Leo and Janke Ps. don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook!  
Onze nieuwe site!   Als laatste toegevoegd een groot deel van de honden- pagina. De site is klaar ruim voor de start van het seizoen! Beloofd!